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Sardinia: wild blu


Trekking, one of the most demanding in Italy, it covers the internal coast of the Orosei gulf, in one of the last “wilderness areas” remaining in Europe. Surrounded by the Mediterranean shrubs walking in unreal climates, between amazing limestone walls and unforgettable views of the sea. The trail consists of creeks, inlets and thick woods where it is easy to loose oneself and the crossing of some precipice (a very steep rock face) require the use of ropes. Sleeping under the stars or in caves and ravines (a deep narrow steep-sided valley), sheltered from the mild mediterranean climate, supplies that arrive by sea and trekking for five days without encountering inhabited areas. In some creeks there is the possibility to climb. ….Of coarse there won’t be any missing out on swimming in the irresistible blue waters of sarde.


Day 1: Crossing in ferry, arrive at Olbia and transfer to Baunei; organizing of the gear, dinner and stay overnight.

Day 2: Transfer to Cuile Despiggius, start the trekking to the destination of Portu Quau (210mt., distance: 7km, 6-7 hours).

Day 3: From Portu Quau to Cala Goloritzè, in the shade of the spectacular Aguglia trees (565mt., distance: 7km, 7-8 hours).

Day 4: From Cala Goloritzè to Cuile Mancosu. This is definitely the stretch most technical with sections to climb: grades III and IV, and a descent with abseiling with double ropes (588mt., distance: 5km, 9-10 hours).

Day 5: From Cuile Mancosu to Cala Sisine. This is a shorter trip but is however quite demanding with four descent abseiling with double ropes. Which takes us closer to the civilized world (100mt., distance: 4km, 5-6 hours).

Day 6: From Cala Sisine to Cala Fuili. The end of the trekking with dinner and stay overnight at Cala Gonone (825mt., distance: 12km, 5-6 hours).

Day 7: Transfer to Olbia and off on the ferry to the harbour of your destination.

Rate: € 1000 – 1200 (min. 5 persons) *

Note: this is a demanding trek that requires you to be well prepared physically.
The assistance of the Guide means there is help on hand for any difficulties through the trek. The climate in this period can change considerable for instance the sun is very hot but at night the temperature drops drastically.

* The rate includes the assistance and escort of an Alpine Guide, trip A/R to Sardegna, meals and accommodation for the duration of the 7 days, the necessary mountaineering gear if needed, tents if needed, and the organization of supplies.

Necessary Gear: ruchsack, comfortable walking shoes/boots, warm sleeping bag, air mattress, harness, carabina closable, longe and descent device, flask, sun glasses, wind breaker jacket and pants, beret/hat, 1 fleece sweater, some t-shirts to change, headlight and camera. Swimming costume (for the brave) and towel, energy bars, slab of chocolate, biscuits, mineral salts, fruit juice. Cleansing wetwipes, toilette paper. If you do not have some of the technical gear it can be provided by the organization. Climbing shoes.

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