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Norway with seal skins


If sometimes you have dreamt of skiing putting on your skis at sea level, this is the occasion to live your dream: its called 69° 45’north latitude. It’s a 8 day trip that happens during April, where you ski on eight peaks in Northern Norway starting and finishing at the sea, promising you exceptional panoramas in more than one fiord.

Groups: min. 6 people
Level Required: good skiers
Material Required: normal equipment for mountaineering, ice-axe and crampons.


Day 1: Even if this day is beautiful and hot, I recommend you have a down jacket close by, because your destination is Grande Nord. We fly over the Alps and the North Sea, change flight at Oslo and land at Tromso, the city that is situated over the polar circle.

Day 2: The first taste of Nordic snow.
After a short transfer, we put the skis and seal skins on to ascend the Tromso-Tromsdalstinden mountain(1 238mt.). Finally we descend after the long wait and return to the village early enough to have some time to briefly visit the city and the “Polar Museum”.

Day 3: Transferring a little more north have a great mountaineering-ski, which is Ulstinden (1 094mt.). In the afternoon we return to “base camp” and for dinner we uncork some bottles of white wine to enjoy the flavour of the salmon pasta and the other Nordic specialities.

Day 4: We abandon the comfortable camp and we transfer for some days to the village of Svensby. During the move we can not resist to ascend and make a wonderful descent on the slopes of Stormheim (1 240mt.), that is on the way.
In the evening we organise ourselves for the next three nights in a welcoming lodge.

Day 5: We move to Lingen and cross the fiord aboard a ferry, to make the ascent to Giilavarri (1 163mt.). Returning to the lodge in the evening.

Day 6: We head for the north-west with a motor vehicle to ascend on the Strupbreen glacier to the Tafelintinden Hills (1 If somebody is not happy of the fact that we don’t reach the peak, but we only reach a hill, the descent will make you change your mood. Return to lodge.

Day 7: Return to Tromso, but not empty handed.
The thought of doing the wonderful descent from the peak of Finnhim Fiellet, that is along the way, is irresistible. We return to Tromso and we go out for a walk in this city and to say good-bye to this “World of ice and cold”, that is able to warm and amaze the souls of all those passionate about the white powder called – SNOW.
Lets hope some bottles of wine were left over to uncork and celebrate the last night.

Day 8: Return to Italy.

The organization informs that there could be changes to the schedule and destinations due to climatic conditions