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Mount Kenya


Mount Kenya, situated in equatorial Africa, is made up of two main peaks, Nelion and Bataian, that only expert mountaineers (compulsory 4° in climbing) can reach. The most frequented peak of this impressionable granite mountain is Lenana peak (4 985mt.), accessible by easy trekking. Ascending along magic routes, that penetrate through the jungle and swamps, up until a hight of about 5 000mt., where the mountain towers with its beautiful forms above the surrounding plateau’s.

Groups: 2-4 persons

Period: December to January

Level: Normal trained mountaineer or travellers in search of new adventure. Normally 6-7 hours of walking per day with a small rucksack; For the ascent to Batian mountaineers that are able to exceed 4° in climbing.


The itinerary suggested by us is Sirimon Route for the ascent and Chogoria Route for the descent; normally, the ascent and return requires 7 days, and is planned in a way that the mountaineers have time to get acclimatized.

Day 1: Arrive at Nairobi and transfer to Parkside Hotel for the night.

Day 2: Leave Nairobi and transfer to Nanyuki, with local vehicle (2-2:30 hours), where we have lunch. In the afternoon a visit to the city, of the equator (2 200mt.), and last few purchases before dinner in a hotel of the place.

Day 3: Breakfast and transfer in a landrover to the entrance of the Park to register and pay the entrance taxes. After that we start trekking (2-2:30 hours) along the Sirimon Route and a fascinating forest to Judmier Camp (3 300mt.).

Day 4: Breakfast and start trekking along immense grassland and an endless continuation of little valley’s, to Shimptons Camp (6-7 hours of walking), altitude 4 200mt.

Day 5: This is the day that we ascend Lenana Peak (4 985mt.). We leave from Shimpton Camp at 6:00am and, after reaching the peak we descend to Austrian Hut, where we rest.

Day 6: This is the day that we ascend Nelion Peak (5 188mt.). After a big breakfast of local fruit, at 5:00am we leave from the Refuge and after an hour we start attacking the route. We start climbing and will reach the top within about 5 hours. After reaching the top we start abseiling down with double ropes that takes us back to the base and, from here to the Refuge, where we spend another night.

Day 7: Breakfast at 8:00am and a descend on the Chogoria Route to Meru Mont Kenya lodge where we have a lovely hot shower and rest a little.

Day 8: Breakfast and a descent through the Equatorial Forest. Then a transfer to Chogoria for lunch and last purchases.

Day 9 – 10: Little Safari in Maasai Mara Park, one of the most beautiful Natural Parks in the world. The cost is an extra 350 euro per person. The Safari is not obligatory; who does not want to participate can go and be a tourist in Nairobi! Transfer to Nairobi and off back home!

Equipment: Big rucksack (for the bearers), and small rucksack (for personal use), waterproof boots, comfortable shoes (trainers), sleeping bag, flask, sun glasses, sun cream (min. fatt. 8), jacket and pants (preferably gore-tex), beret, balaclava, tights, fleece sweater, gloves, change of socks and t-shirts (several pairs), head-light and camera. Climbing shoes, harness, helmet (for who wants to ascend Batian peak). Energy bars, slabs of chocolate, biscuits, vitamin salts, fruit juice. Cleansing wetwipes, toilette paper, compeed, asprin, fever tablets, anti-diarrhoea tablets (and personal medicine or what you think useful), mosquito cream and spray. Technical Equipment not brought can be supplied by the organization.

P.S: 25% of the total payment must be paid 40 days before the trek starts