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Bolivia: trekking in the Andes

The sacred massif of the Andies, the Cordigliera Reale is a vast wall with numerous snow covered peaks that are above 6 000meters altitude; this particular surely makes it one of the most beautiful and natural wonders of South America. It is a land that is still relatively virgin to trekkers and mountaineers; in fact there are few refuges, and few villages along the access paths of the mountain. A journey and an experience not to miss.


Day 1
Departure from Italy.

Day 2
Arrive at La Paz, briefing at the hotel and gear check, tour the city and personal make purchases.

Day 3
Day to get acclimatized; we leave at 8:00am from La Paz and go to Copacabana Sanctuary with a 4×4 and then to Isla del Sol, cradle of the Incarico empire. Amazing panorama of the lake with the Nevado Illampu as background and the whole Cordigliera Reale of the Andies. Return to La Paz at 19:00.

Day 4
Leaving La Paz early morning to Estancia Tuni (4 400mt.), from where we start walking to reach Chair Khota Lagoon (4 630mt.), our base camp. Condoriri, the Cervino of the Andies, appears in all its beauty and elegance.

Day 5
Starting at 5:00 in the morning to climb Pico Tarija (5 350mt.) and Pequeno Alpamayo (5 350mt.). Return to base camp and from there to the vehicle that returns us to La Paz.

Day 6
Day to rest or recover or to visit Mururata Lagoon.

Day 7
Ascent to San Calixto Refuge at Huyana Potosi.

Day 8
Ascent to Huyana Potosi. We leave at night to reach the impressive peak of 6 000mt. that dominates the La Paz city.

Day 9
Return to La Paz where we stay overnight.

Day 10
Day to rest or recuperate. A visit to the valleys around La Paz.

Day 11
We leave this time, for Illimani Pico Sur (6 462mt.). This splendid mountain is the best known of the Bolivia and takes 3-4 days to ascend it; it is a sacred mountain of the Boliviano people.

From La Paz a journey of 4 hours we reach Pinaya (3 800mt.), from here 3 hours of walking to reach Estancia Una, where we make up our base camp (4 230mt.).

Day 12
Ascent to Nido de los Condores (5 550mt.), where we stay overnight in a newly constructed Refuge.

Day 13
Ascent to Illimani and return to the Refuge where we stay another night.

Day 14
Return to La Paz. Transfer to the airport and a flight home.

Day 15
Arrive at Milan.

– For the ascents of these mountains we proceed in a roped party; for this reason it is necessary to have a good ability in the use of an ice-axe, crampons and the correct behaviour in a roped party from all of the participants.
– It is essential to be well prepared and be in good physical condition