Guida Alpina - professionisti dell'alta quota


Day 1: Arrive at Lima airport, private transfer to Huaraz in minibus and settle in the hotel.

Day 2: Day of rest and organization. The city is at 3 100mt. and this is a great help at getting acclimatized. If you like you can visit archaeological sites in the area. Included is the archaeological tour of Pastourui.

Day 3: Leave Huraraz in the morning with the bus to Cashapampa. The trip continues descending the amazing path along the Rio Sant valley, passing alongside the massif of Huascaràn and other impressive peaks. At Cashapampa we load the donkey’s that will transport our gear. A few hours of trekking and we arrive at the first camp in the Santa Cruz Llamacorral Valley (3 760mt.)

Day 4: The trekking continues in beautiful mountain scenery, at Chicocha and Jatuncocha lakes; continuing to Taullipampa (4 200mt.) between Artesonraju and the impressive Taulliraju.

Day 5: Excursion to get acclimatized step by step to Punt Union (4 750mt.), that reveals extraordinary views on Taulliraju.

Day 6: Continuing the acclimatization ascending Millishraju (5 510mt.). This route, is interesting and worth while, it offers easy climbing on rock and on ice (PD) and allows the group to co-ordinate well together above all in the progression technique, during an enjoyable ascension.

Day 7: We move to Alpamayo base camp that is found in the lateral valley of Arhuaycocha and requires more or less 2 hours of relaxed walking. The rest of the day is for relaxing and getting acclimatized for the ascent of Alpamayo.

Day 8: Ascending the 500mt. that separate base camp from Morena camp to load some supplies, then returning to base camp resting for the second part of the day.

Day 9: Ascent to Morena camp and then to the Alpamayo hills (+- 5 350mt.) along the glacier. Settling in at camp 1…..this place is extremely panoramic and is the only place that you have a view of the whole face to be ascended.

Day 10: Starting at night, around 3:00am, from the hill descending along the glacier heading towards the last crevasse of the SW face of Alpamayo where the route Ferrari starts. Ascending the route placing about 350mt. of fixed rope that will be very useful for a fast descent, until the top of the peak (+- 5 947mt.). Then descending to the hill camp (requiring 8 hours from start to finish) and after a break continuing to base camp.

Day 11: 1st extra day. If not used you could go off and have a lovely relaxing day at the Cashapampa thermal baths, otherwise ascend Quitaraju from the hills of Alpamayo the day before descending to base camp.

Day 12: 2nd extra day.

Day 13: Ascending early in the morning to Cashapampa from here we take the bus to Huaraz. Overnight stay in hotel.

Day 14: Day of relax and touring Huaraz. Then to Huaraz-Lima airport on the bus and fly back to Italy.

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