Guida Alpina - professionisti dell'alta quota

Mont Velan and Gran Combin


Duration: 3 days
Period: April, May, June
Rate: 260 euro per person*
Group: 3-4 persons


Day 1

Departure from Bourg Siant-Pierre, where we leave the vehicle, and re-ascend to Cabane du Velan (2 770mt.).

Day 2

Ascent to Mont Velan (3 808mt); descent to the end of the glacier and re-ascend to Cabane du Valsorey (2 880mt).

Day 3

Ascent to Glacier de Sonadon, where we leave the skis; and ascend to the peak of Grand Combin de Valsorey (4 176mt.), descent to the skis and from here to the vehicle.

* The rate includes the assistance of an Alpine Guide, 1’A.R.V.A., 1’harness, and the necessary mountaineering gear.