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La houte route: Chamonix-Zermatt


Duraton: 5 days
Period: March, April, May and June
Rate: €360.00 per person*
Groups: 3-6 persons

This approach, is a particularly high peak to reach (the highest peak is Pigne d’Arolla 3 796mt.) and is always demanding and requires one to be well trained. It can reached by many different routes, for this reason one can take a look at the routes on the map and decide which to do depending on the conditions of the snow covering and ones ability. The true objective at the end of the day is to reach Zermatt!!! Here we suggest a version of Chamonix – Zermatt a little more easy!
The most populr season is in the Spring months of April and May on horse back, the period in which the peak is most frequented. A little earlier you find a lot less people and the snow is still powdery!


Day 1

From Argentiere (Chamonix) to the cableway station of Grands Montets (3 297mt.), ascending to the last station. From here starts a wonderful descent with the Argentiere Glacier below, and when crossed leads to the base where there are steep slopes that lead to Chardonnet Hill (3 323mt.). From here a short section of steep descent that is often done with ropes and on belay allows us to reach the plateau of Saleina Glacier, seal skins on at Fenetre de Saleina (3 323mt.). Finally from this hill we descend to Cab. Du Trient (3 170mt.) that is reached with one more short re-ascent.

Day 2

From the hut, a descent along the Trient Glacier for about 300mt. altitude turning right for Ecadies hill (2 796mt.) that allows us to reach Vallone d’Arpette, then a great descent that leads to Champex (1 498mt.). From the nice country on the bus to Orsieres and then on the train to Martigny, on the bus again we arrive at Arolla (in this way we avoid crossing the massif of grand Combin, however it’s a spectacular traverse advisable with more time available, take a look at the schedule Mont Gelè-Grand Combin).

Day 3

From Arolla ascendine with the ski-lift up until the last piste, then proceed to Pas de Chevre 2 855mt. (descending on a steep ladder about 40mt.), to then reach the welcoming Capanne de Dix (2 928mt.) where we stay overnight. Ascending with the Arolla ski-lift, that saves us about 500mt. of altitude, so that there is more time in the afternoon to do a wonderful ascent and a splendid descent from Cab. De Dix to La Luette (3 548mt.), panoramic peak that rises up behind the Refuge.

Day 4

From Cab. de Dix crossing the Cheilon Glacier again to re-ascend the slopes near the Serpentine Hill taking a turn left to reach the Pigne d’Arolla peak where there is an amazing panorama to admire. The descent on this steep slopes shoot down below and nears Cab. Des Vignettes (3 158mt.) this is the cherry on the cake of this splendid day.

Day 5

The last trip and the longest. From Cab des Vignettes descending slightly and then crossing the whole Mont Collon Glacier to Col de l’Eveque (3 392mt.). Then a short descent until under Col du Mont Brulè (3 213mt.), from where the amazing and long descent starts on Zermatt. Then return to Cervinia with the ski cableway and then, on the bus to Chamonix to get the vehicles.

* The rate includes the assistance of an Alpine Guide, 1’A.R.V.A., 1’harness, the necessary mountaineering gear, and the transfers on bus to and from Cervinia – Zermatt.

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