Guida Alpina - professionisti dell'alta quota

Icefall stage


An ICEFALL is a fun activity that offers the possibility to discover a magic fairy-tale world: jellyfish, mushrooms, stalactites and columns…

We offer stages in the most beautiful places where can climb ice: Val di Cogne, Freissinières, gavarnie, Valley of Chamonix Mont-Blanc. These stages will help you progress technically, discovering superb places that will be chosen depending on your technical level. Day trips are also possible.

Entry level courses, 2-3 consecutive days

Day trip to experience the excitement of climbing on a frozen waterfall. We run through the techniques of climbing so that we can climb safely along the big blue drop of iced water, mighty structures that are full of adventure and that last a short period!
Rate per person: € 130.00 per day, max. 2 people.

Advanced course, 2-3 consecutive days

Learning and/or perfecting the modern technique of PIOLET-TRACTION: from the fundamental progression to that of the evolved triangle; a guide to the correct use of protection on ice, organisation at the chains and the handling of the ropes.
Rate per person: € 130.00 per day, max. 2 people.

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