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Guida Alpina - professionisti dell'alta quota

The 4000 of SAAS FEE

Three days of mountaineering skiing between the 4000’s most beautiful parts of the Alps.

Duration: 3 days
Period: March, April, May and June
Rate: €260.00 per person*
Groups: 3-4 persons


Day 1

From Saas Fee you take the cableway to Langflue and then to Mètro des glaciers; from here to Allalinhorn peak (4 027mt.), and return to Langflue Refuge – restaurant.

Day 2

Ascent to Alphubel (4 002mt.); then to Britannia Refuge where you overnight.

Day 3

Ascent to Stralhorn (4 190mt.) and return to Saas Fee.

* The rate includes the assistance of an Alpine Guide, 1’ A.R.V.A., 1’ harness, and the necessary mountaineering gear; the above rate does not include the cost of the skipass.

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