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  1. norvegia

    14 – 21 April 2018 Skiing in Norway

    One week in the Northern Norway (Tromso), land of midnight sun,  fjords and blue glaciers.  Every day from our cottage completely equipped, we’ll climb the best…

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  2. Heliski in Aosta Valley

    Heliski in Aosta Valley offers a wide range of opportunities from intermediate to advanced skiers/riders. More than 50 landing spot located in different valleys from…

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    Heliski trips – season 2016-17

    There’re so many heliski opportunities in Aosta Valley (Italy) which offer to you incredible trips for all levels from intermediate skiers to the most experienced freerider.…

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  4. Lyskamm Parete Nord

    Lyskamm North Face – steep skiing

  5. Chorum Olimpique – sci ripido

    Chorum Olimpique – steep skiing

  6. alpamayo


    Day 1: Arrive at Lima airport, private transfer to Huaraz in minibus and settle in the hotel. Day 2: Day of rest and organization. The…

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  7. Chimoboraxo and Cotopaxi (Equador)

    If we take the centre of the earth as a reference, the distance from the centre of the earth to the peak of Chimborazo is…

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  8. Bolivia: trekking in the Andes

    The sacred massif of the Andies, the Cordigliera Reale is a vast wall with numerous snow covered peaks that are above 6 000meters altitude; this…

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  9. monte-kenya

    Mount Kenya

    Mount Kenya, situated in equatorial Africa, is made up of two main peaks, Nelion and Bataian, that only expert mountaineers (compulsory 4° in climbing) can…

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  10. kilimangiaro


    The KIBO or Kilimanjaro, is the highest peak on the black contenent and dominates, from the top of its 5 895mt., you see the forest…

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