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About Us

The Mountain is an unique universe that obeys by its laws, where Nature dominates and man adapts; here you can still find adventure, the wild, the charm of the unknown, the sensation of absolute freedom. We have put together our experience and our knoledge to guide you better in the adventures that we offer, also teaching you the elements, technical and cultural to do this.  We will take you to discover the mountain in a safe and relaxed way, sharing strong and special moments together; other than the friendship that is built, we will try to pass on our passion and the desire to always go further, for new goals and new adventures, from what we know and who we are.


Why Hire a Mountain Guide

The Guide of the High Mountain develops, through a daily practice, a knowledge of the mountain territory and its conditions; he always tries to fulfil your dreams, but the principal objective of every trip is to bring you back home safe and sound! Thanks to his competence, the Guide of the High Mountain reduces to a minimum the risk factor; in spite of  this an all zero risk in the mountain does not exist, and we should keep this well in mind! Mountaineering requires a physical and psychological commitment that needs to be able to take on challenges!


Our Garantee

-Arrangements with Alpine Guides that have excellent knowledge of the territory where the itineraries are made
-Quick answers to your questions
-Reliable dates if you in set up groups
-Original updated schedules, due to the multiple trips with our clients
-Very flexible with the schedules and periods, to satisfy your demands
-Teaching and personal suggestions for you technical level

BLOG & ADVENTURE (only in Italian)

21 Gennaio 2021
Per anni, in tanti, abbiamo guardato quelle frange che tutti gli inverni pendono in quello spazio compreso tra l’Ipertubo dei cavolfiori ed il candelone Bernardi…

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24 Novembre 2020
Il mese di Ottobre per me equivale a Sardegna, con il suo mare ancora caldo, i suoi colori poliformici, i profumi inebrianti e tanta tanta…

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6 Ottobre 2020
Era circa metà Agosto…  non avevo troppa voglia di abbandonare l’alta val Susa dove mi trovavo e correre ad assembrarmi in qualche cabinovia, così ho…

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23 Giugno 2020
Questo trekking in Sardegna, tra i più impegnativi d’Italia, percorre l’interno costa del Golfo di Orosei, in una delle ultime “wilderness area” rimaste in Europa.…

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22 Marzo 2019
Le opportunità dell’heliski in Valle d’Aosta sono molteplici e offrono numerose discese per tutti i livelli di sciatori, dai medi fino ai freerider più esigenti.…

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3 Dicembre 2018
Vi proponiamo una settimana di scialpinismo nella zona più settentrionale della Norvegia (Tromso), oltre il circolo polare artico, sulle Alpi di Lyngen. Questa zona della Norvegia…

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Contact us: Roberto +39 348.80.95.507 or Riccardo  +39 349.84.22.970